Chase The Bugs With The Right Fragrance| Plants that repel bugs at home

Chase The Bugs With The Right Fragrance| Plants that repel bugs at home

Aren’t bugs the most bugging thing on this planet? Indeed!

Their alarming sight blows up our minds causing sparks of panic and high pitched screams that can clearly be heard from miles away.

However, some bugs, or insects aren’t as different to our vision. They can be seen lurking around in our rooms and lobbies, or sometimes waiting outside our windows, looking for a spot to instantly sneak inside.

Besides the buzzing sounds and scary movements displayed by these insects, they move around our modern interior designs carrying life threatening diseases, that we cannot battle alone.

Hence, today we thought of coming up with some serious defense modes against these intruders, that will ensure their departure from your personal spaces and keep them away from entering your domains for sure!



Lavender is a beautiful decoration to a home. At the same time it works beautifully well to keep away moths, fleas, flies and mosquitoes.

Hence to keep these insects at bay one must tie lavender flowers in bunches and place them around the windows and other entry areas of the house. Reason being, the smell of lavender is hated by insects. Hence they change their course and keep away from entering inside.

Another way of using lavender as a repellant is to extract its oil. This can directly be applied to the skin which will have skin softening effects and as you move outdoors, it will keep the insects far and away from getting close to you.



Catnip is known for repelling mosquitoes. We are all aware of the drastic diseases if bitten by mosquitoes. Hence catnip is a suitable option to fight the mosquitoes out. According to researchers, nepetalactone, an essential oil in catnip that gives the plant its characteristic odor is ten times more effective than any other commercial repellant. It is due to the presence of this oil that catnip derives its odor and keeps the mosquitoes and related diseases away.



Similar to Lavender, marigold’s fragrance helps to keep mosquitoes and aphids out of sight.

Marigold can be planted at home or set in boundaries around the most exposed and vulnerable areas of your home. This way the smell will multiply and act as a stronger repellant to the unwanted intruders, keeping them from entering inside.


venus fly trap

Although it may not be a widely acclaimed option, but venus fly trap is known for trapping a variety of flies and mosquitoes. Its clamping action attracts the flies by secreting nectar on to its open traps, sensing which, insects come to sit over its wings, while they trip and get caught in the trap.


mint leaves

Bitter plants are often used for their fragrance in cooking. However, it is not the same with insects.

On placing mint leaves in the exteriors of your home, insects will find it difficult to cross beyond that borderline. This is due to mint leaves’ odor that does not allure the insects, resulting in them turning their way back with twisted feet.



Last but not the least, its Rosemary. Rosemary keeps insects away with its strong aroma and prevents the invasive insects from prying over our home interiors. Adding a green plant as rosemary will not only add a splash of fresh greens to your house decoration, but also keep ticks and fleas outside your home for a prolonged time.