color combinations for cool summer interiors

Color combinations for cool Summer Interiors

When summer starts approaching, it is generally a cue for businesses to start making certain changes in their décor to accommodate the changes in heat and temperature. Opting for cooler interior palettes can make a huge difference in how a space looks and feels. Changing your office interior design by incorporating colors that represent fresh air, cool breezes and relaxed afternoons can make all the difference in your office space design. Whether you are looking to give your office a completely different look or you simply want to make the summer heat tolerable, here are some great color combinations for cool summer interiors:


Most people think that pink shades such as coral are a little over the top. However, for summer, coral can be the perfect hue as it is not too one-dimensional. Adding a muted coral hue can add sophistication and fun to an office interior design especially when paired with sharp pieces that can help to create some contrast such as splashes of marble or adding graphic art.



Marigold, or any other similar shade of yellow for that matter, can help an office interior appear cooler in the summer. To prevent vibrant touches of yellow from overpowering your office space, consider adding an array of contrasting colors such as white moldings and accessories that are green or blue. Hints of black here and there can help to keep things grounded and beautiful.


If you have a boring hallway and are looking to make it appear more vibrant, you should consider adding hints of purple. Purple can make an otherwise boring space feel more welcoming without making too much of a fuss. A color such as pale purple can help walls look newer while accessories that are deep violet can evoke the feeling of summertime freshness.



Tangerine is a bold color that can be a little hard to incorporate into an already existing interior. However, when done right, it can help to completely transform a space. As a bold color, tangerine should only be used in a limited manner if things are to remain sophisticated and refined. For instance, adding tangerine geometric elements can make a space feel light and whimsical without being too overbearing.



Pale green is a nice color for summer especially for the walls but it can also be a great alternative for painted office furniture. For an easy update to your office interior, consider adding pale green elements that will pack a punch.