How I miss my studio apartment days

How I miss my Studio Apartment days

Beautifully scattered…

A place so mine, it felt divine!

Such were the good old days at my studio apartment in Mumbai.

The year 2011 was a fancy in reality. I had every bit of my space dedicated to comfort and ease. Didn’t matter if my apartment didn’t look like the most orchestrated designs in the whole world, but I knew it was just enough of a gig, to get me through the day.

I had the choicest of beautiful walls, bright lit lamps, comfy furniture (basically my bean bags and cushions), making up for my perfect modern house design , and a horrificly terrific arrangement of miscellaneous items; such that, I couldn’t even find them in the brightest of lights!

The most gloriously managed (or mismanaged) section was my living room design (if even eligible for being called one).It had a huge storage trunk in the texture of a tree, which was neatly swept along the wall. It was a creature I tell you. Easily portable, and sometimes a big hand of support to my daily engagements. I’d use it as a side rack to place my gadgets before I could doze off; my easy table that held up my food, a foot rest, for the ease of movie watching, and also a kitchen slab, to occasionally help me with preparing my food

Life came solemnly easy with one object having so much to offer. I never felt the need to spruce up my apartment just for the sake of doing it. In fact, my very own lousy arrangement was doing a great job to support my true self; until, the tables turned and my lavish lifestyle passed me by like a flash of light!

Today how I see it all is a nerve wrecking experience. It’s been 7 years that I have moved out of my fancy apartment, and my easy go lazy life. With my wife’s occurrence to me, I have ascended to a very well managed living structure.

Living Rooms

Today, every nook and corner of my house is sparkling clean, and so well arranged, that I sometimes believe I can find any object in this house, even before I can begin to think of it.

The rooms, the walls, the décor and the furniture have found their perfect place in my now so perfect house.

It’s strange (yet pleasant) how my interior smells of a fragrant rose, every single day, and reminds me of the mixture of fragrances, hovering around in my apartment. It gave me a feeling of different places from around the globe, put together under one roof.

Honestly, it wasn’t as bad, but it wasn’t the best fragrance to be packed and sold in bottles either.

Interestingly, today shines a lot differently upon me. Now it barely takes me a second to finish a small chore, which would otherwise consume a lifetime. I can easily run this well orchestrated house of mine and make things work like never before.

Today my life is more simple and not at all slothful. I feel like a newer version of myself (thanks to my wife).

Surprisingly, so much management does not come easy. It is a tiring experience at the cost of saving your time. Each minute spent into this upkeep is each minute taken from your personal time. This is a heavy expense to pay with today’s life, fleeting ahead with lightning fast speed.

It took me a little while to realize how time has been my game changer. There was plenty of time for myself back in 2011, whereas today, I feel deprived of the time I crave.

These are the days, when I throw myself on a rocking chair, up in the high rise of my living mansion, looking through the wide angled glass, staring at the bright lit world beneath, thinking, how I miss my studio apartment days!