what makes your office job more strenuous

What makes your office job more strenuous??

Is it the long working hours? or the mentally exhausting work load? or is it something that you haven’t yet noticed deeply but is playing a wreck havoc on you. Honestly, with a head fully imbued in work and deadlines hovering above with a zillion things on the task list, who would have the time to fathom these factors, especially when they’re not easily noticeable.

This is when Interior designers come into the picture and take the analysis to understand the problems associated with working spaces and office interior design.

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How often do we complain about the bad posture at our work desks, or bright lights bathing our identity in extreme fluorescence? Now If that’s one bit of the case with you, trust us, your job’s more strenuous because of the ergonomic factors at your workplace, and not anything else. A good office space design generates motivation amongst employees and transfers the focus back on the job. A bad design on the other hand only renders pain and divides attention on factors that are humoungously problem causing.

On an average one tends to spend as much as 8 hours of their day at office. The rest go into either travelling, or waiting for a commute, or simply being part of recreational activities that are sometimes necessary if the working hours haven’t been smooth.

What causes this Drawback?

More often than not, the designers are to be blamed for such a misadventure at office. Designers hold highly responsible seats to look after some of the most basic and crucial elements in designing interiors, that if missed, will make for a hated work domain and cause posture issues, physical strain and also mental strain if the problem goes out of control.

what causes this drawback

The basic evaluation of any space must begin with how the work routine would flow. If the office space aspires to accommodate people for long hours, then ample arrangements should be made to keep the employees comfortable. A bad design would obviously draw away the motivation from one, leaving them breathless and also with a surprisingly reduced level of productivity.

How to overcome the challenge?

The best way to overcome this challenge is by sharing feedbacks with the facilities management services of the enterprise. The FM service personnel may then look for ways to solve the problem to an extent and make arrangements for a better provision. However, if the problem persists, one can also let the higher management know of the problem, post which, appropriate measures may be taken to either eradicate the problem or make the necessary arrangements to ease the issue. E.g., discomforting chairs and tables can pave their way out and be replaced with ergonomically correct work stations. Lightings can be changed to led’s, and thermostats can be adequately maintained. Pantry operations can run properly with well maintained hygiene along with the necessary items available.

how to overcome the challenge

office interior designs can be complicated depending upon the business requirements and may be difficult for designers to contemplate in the very basic stage. This is the reason why interior designers work on a blue print and revise their plan multiple times to befit the design with the working style of the place. In cases where this consideration has not been thought carefully or unfortunately has come to life without being noticed, may cause a lot of hindrance to employees.

It’s best to understand the working style at places and consider the design map accordingly, lest the whole plot turns grey.what causes this drawback