tricks to make your small office look bigger

5 tricks to make your small office look bigger

The major trend in the work places today are the luxurious home-like comfy designs that affect the mind and body of everyone who transact (works in or purchases in) in the office structure. These designs inspire and motivate the employees to work effectively, giving their best and limiting stress levels while also enabling concentration and focus on cogent assignments. It also helps foster cordial work relationships among staff members and concurrently ensures the health and well being of the workers.

luxuriousb home

One way most people misunderstand spaces is to believe that only bigger office spaces can accomplish all that’s stated above while the smaller ones fall short in achieving the same. Well, it’s quite the opposite as a nicely structured and beautifully designed small office space will do the trick perfectly and do exactly the same while still accomplishing the “airy” feeling of a large space.

Its important to note that while working with a small space, everything counts. Color technique and combinations, the arrangement of furniture and gadgets, the choice of lighting and the layout of the room.

Making the most of your small office space while fooling the eye into believing you have more square foot than actual, you should consider the following tricks while putting together your office interior design:

Consciously select and arrange office furniture

Furniture takes quite a lot of space in the office. In order to avoid crowded surroundings, its expedient that you carefully consider the office furniture design; the right size of furniture that will serve for functionality and comfortability. Arranging the furniture is also key; larger ones should be few inches away from the wall and all furniture must be placed such that pathways are not blocked as that will open up the space, making the room look bigger.

consciously select and arrange office furniture

Office should be painted in radiant colors

Painting a room in dark colors gives the impression of a smaller space. Light colors generally make a room look and feel bigger than it actually is. Colors such as white, cream, coral, orange and radiant blue keeps the feeling in the space airy, light and open. It’s very important to avoid combining too many colors as it can be barraging.

office should be painted in radiant colors

Extensive lighting should be considered

Plenty of lighting, either natural or artificial is crucial in making a small space look bigger. Ineffective lighting system affects the room in similar ways like the dark colors, making the room look and feel smaller than it actually is.

extensive lighting should be considered

Avoid cluttering the room

A neat, tidy, well arranged and organized room cannot be substituted with other things for any reason when trying to make a small office space look and feel bigger. All unnecessary items should be set aside and gotten rid of. The floor should be kept as clear as possible, wires should be arranged and not left to cluster (every possible means to go wireless should be implemented).

avoid cluttering the room

Use mirrors and avoid unnecessary decorations

Especially in a small office, simplicity is beauty! Every temptation to add more décor should be eschewed and carefully replaced with mediums of reflection as addition of a few mirrors effectively create an illusion of increased depth to any space.