With the winter season slowly approaching, the design world’s in a hurly burly to prep up for the much awaited time of the year. The cold and jazz is ready to bling, while the newest home decals have almost hit the markets!

Amidst all that we’ve seen and been accustomed to, these winters are a little extra in terms of the foreseen rage in the style world. Designers are uncovering designs with the most refreshing color combinations, that break the vacuum to utmost peace and enticement.

In the light of what we are about to uncover, we can’t wait to introduce the design aspirations that are all the rage the next season! So, lets get started.


the aqua blue slumber zone

Though winters are all about warm shades and classic auras, nothing could beat a sleep enforcing aqua tone in your slumber bay. While dark tones are bound to dim the essence of your home interiors, bright tones on the contrary will keep your space alive with an airy-breezy vibe, just enough for a burst of refreshment.

the sunlit home office

Home offices are generally the most secluded places, away from the household chores, somewhere aloof, so that all work happens in harmony.
By re arranging your home office close to a source of sunlight, we mean that there could possibly be a lot of benefits not only for one’s health, but also otherwise. Let us tell you how.
Sunlight by itself has multifarious health benefits. In addition to which, moving close to a source of light will render natural lighting during the day and save on the energy consumption. Additionally, your personalized office with such a convenient setup can turn into a multifunctional space that can host private meetings with enhanced comfort and even serve you a quick nap while you’re sneaking away from the world, still wanting to be imbued in your work.

the candy cane style bedroom

Dealing with your childhood remembrance? We got you covered. Candy canes ‘were’ and still ‘are’ the dearest among children (not to spare the grown-ups). While winters call for Christmas festivities, what better way to celebrate the day with your own interiors colored alike?

Sparing the bright candy cane tones, regard the subtle and dreamy ones that will work through the whole affair and last you more than the winter season alone.

the classic winter living room

Coming back to basics, dark and well lit spaces light up the soul from within. Its one phenomenon that takes over the cold, and comforts our day to the best that it can. Consider wooden carvings or dark interiors, that welcome the warmth and let it stay for a good whole season.

The look also throws a restful feeling and entertains the season’s real essence that is most enjoyed with warm interiors and a soothing finish.

The arrangement will ameliorate the chic essence of your home design, and can also be balanced with rugs and floorings when the summers arrive.

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