how to decide the right color combinations for any space


A home should be a personal haven! A space where shelter is provided at the very best while fulfilling the inhabitants’ needs for comfort, privacy, health, safety and security.

Interestingly, a larger percentage of spaces referred to as homes do not meet these standards, most of which effect shelter and either of the others but not all. This is so because now and again, a lot of people go on to build, without considering the kind of proper design that will work best for them.

modern house design

The modern house design is based on the principles of simplicity, functionality, and elegance. It may lack ornamentation, which is quite unnecessary as buildings take its beautification from unpretentious designs.

color combinations

Coloring and color combinations are the essential components that must be considered while crafting the layout and planning the embellishment of any space. The best interior designs are expressed with obvious speaking colors other than standing ornamental objects.

So, either you’re deciding a modular kitchen design or a Living room design, the wall paints remain as vital as anything as they have a way of effectively communicating a thought or inspiration while placing value on the generality of the space.

The following factors should be thought of while picking the colors of the room.


Lighting can make paint colors look very different. With this inview, this is needed to consider the kind of lighting in a room as this will be a powerful determinant in taking decisions about the color a room must be painted. The amount of natural light that comes into the room is also critical as it could bring about a whole different look and feeling to the color during the day.


How big is the space? Is it frightening large? Dark colors absorb light and consequently make the room smaller because the darker the color the closer it appears. The color of the ceiling also determines the feeling in terms of the size of the room. For smaller rooms, it’s advisable to use bright colors only.


To brighten the mood of the inhabitants at any space, the colors of the furniture must compliment with that of the walls and window blinds. That’s not to say every component of the room must be of the same color but at least in sync with the other color combinations around.


The amount of ventilation(either natural or through the cooling system) available in a room is the key in making the right decision over what color of paint is to be used in painting the space or the room. Hence, Cool colors should be considered for rooms with less ventilation.


Definitely, the feeling in the bedroom is different from that of the kitchen or dining room while the former should preach rest, the latter should communicate freshness and be more inviting. Choosing a color for any of the spaces,should be determined by the essentiality of the activities that will go on in that particular space.