Summer Proof Your Home

Summer Proof Your Home

The summer is here again. The scorching sun has risen and so has the mercury. But this time, you don’t have to sweat either by the heat waves or the surging energy bills. You have surely heard about winterizing your home. Now, here are we with the techniques of summer-proofing your home to keep your down the temperature and the cheques.

• Passive Designing

Passive Designing

This strategy of Interior Solutions takes advantage of natural ventilation opportunities with building orientation, air sealing, continuous insulation, windows, day lighting, etc. The energy-efficient passive designing strategy is the most viable alternative to Air Conditioning which costs you bundles in summers. Utilisation of natural elements lightens the load on your AC. Planting trees and installing overhangs across the house ventilates the entire area with fresh air. Switching to natural illumination from the sun can fill the space with innate lighting source.

• Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

An air conditioner is a long-term investment as it stays functional for about a decade. Given the implication, selection of a window or split unit is crucial according to unique demands and suitability. ACs can potentially blow up your bills drastically if right choice isn’t made. Wherein, pros and cons of both window units and split units have to be considered. The factors affecting are room population, room congestion, number of electrical appliances, number of windows and position of the room.

• Cooling Capacity of Air Conditioning

Cooling Capacity of Air Conditioning

AC capacity is the most important factor to consider after deciding which unit suits you the best. Cooling capacity is the same what horsepower is to a car. It should match to the dynamics of your home or else it won’t be adequate to do the job. A low capacity wouldn’t cool your home and high capacity would extremely drop the temperature. Do your research, understand your home and requirement and then come to a conclusion.

• Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Audit

Upgrades which are followed by energy audits can save you money and improve the comfort and efficiency of your home. This assessment takes your home’s energy uses into account and outlines the specifics. You can do it yourself or hire a professional home service company that specialises in curbing electricity charges by identifying the key areas where your home is losing its efficiency and then rendering concrete solutions.

• Paint It White

Paint It White

If walls could talk, they would tell you that cutting cost is as easy as painting them white. Sunlight- Reflecting shades of colours can significantly keep the temperature down throughout the season. These cool exterior walls reflect higher fractions of sunlight and have higher thermal emittance.

• Tame the Moisture

Tame the Moisture

Summer doesn’t only mean hot but dry too. It only denotes that now is an opportunity to determine why exactly your home has build-up problems. It becomes hard to get to the root of the problem in any other season.