Parallel Kitchen Design: The Preferred Choice!

Did you know the origin of the parallel kitchen can be traced back to sailboats and ships, as the preeminent kitchen layout! Eons later it has found its way into modern day homes, be it a magnificent mansion or a compact studio apartment owing to its simple and ergonomic design it is a popular choice among kitchen designs. Its efficiency and utility also makes it a preferred choice in a professional setting like a restaurant. Here are a few reasons why you could consider going in for one;

1. Efficient Use of Counter Space:

“Just one counter is enough” said nobody ever. You don’t need to be a sous-chef to agree that the kitchen is like a workshop where there are multiple activities happening at the same time. Imagine having one counter to cook food on, another for your kitchen appliances. This highlights the biggest USP of a parallel kitchen design, which offer two space efficient counters.

2. Everything is Easily Accessible:

You don’t have to run from pillar to post to fetch every kitchen item. The basic structure of the kitchen is such that most things are within the line of sight. You can place all your kitchen essentials in an organized manner, within your reach.  You don’t need to reach out to an additional cupboard or cabinet outside of the scope of your kitchen.

3. Additional Storage Space:

A parallel kitchen design offers you an option of having many shelves vertically as well as horizontally and you can even fit in a pantry for storage, hollow enough to fit in all your munchies and breakfast items. A pantry also offers you organized placement, where you can see all that you have stocked up in one single glance. You can also opt to have shelves with clear dividers, enhancing the space and making it more organized.

4. Offers More Breathing Space:

A parallel kitchen design involves two counters facing each other at a distance of about 2-3 feet, offering enough floor space to walk around comfortably, making cooking a happy experience. It also reduces the hazard of you running into something and hurting yourself since there is nothing that really falls in your way.

5. More Scope to Customize:

The design of the kitchen is such that you can accommodate many additional features, as per your whims and fancies. You can choose to have a tall pantry installed with a design of your choice. You could choose from clean cuts, to having an intricately carved design or one with many shelves to one with a single long shelf. The kitchen structure also offer you enough space to have a small breakfast counter or you could even convert a portion of one of the kitchen counters to a breakfast counter.

6. Comparatively Cost Effective:

The functionality of the design of the kitchen is such that it can have so much accommodated and adjusted efficiently in the designated space and there is scope for more. In terms of the material and the wood used, it works out to be a cost effective option and turns out to be a smart investment.

6. Comparatively Cost Effective

With time the designs have evolved and have become more elaborate and versatile. The concept of a parallel kitchen also offers more scope to turn your kitchen into a statement, rather than a functional space. From intricate floor designs, to modern and elaborate shelf designs, the scope to experiment is limitless. You could also experiment with the lighting, having in-shelf, energy-efficient lights to pendent lamps that act as a centerpiece. The kitchen being the heart of your home, one should look out for design inspirations and the latest trends in home interiors. One could also engage a specialized design service that offers end-to-end home interior solutions, such as Vatika Interior Solutions that looks into all your design requirements, offers you the most cost and space efficient options and gives you scope to customize, catering to your dream kitchen.